A downloadable game for Windows

Hi! This is my first game I ever made!

  • It was thanks to Benjamin Anderson to make this game following his step by steptutorial to make this game come to life.

  • I am working on other projects but it's hard for me to have time for that since I have a lot in my college and I have a job at the same time.

  • But I hope you'll enjoy my mini game and that's all.

Info about the gameplay :

  • The ship shoots automatically.
  • The ship follows the mouse.
  • Sometimes power-ups can be found.
  • Sometimes health-up can be found.
  • Highscore is saved until you exist the game.


Twitter : https://twitter.com/alsh2mmari

Install instructions

Just download and play!


SPACE SHIP Mini Game.exe 16 MB


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i looooovvveee it ~

Any good or bad comment is ok c: